Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

Old Is Gold

You will say this is old
I'll say old is gold
at the end of the video I was up to cry :"(
I loved it hope you enjoy it too

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OMG Whisper you brought me back to my childhood,my dad used to watch such documentaries like this..and I used to hate them actually :(

1:43 my heart's stopped beating

have a great day dear


lool usually I don't like such a documentaries shows,specially for animals, but this one I liked very much, maybe because there is no blood scenes :$


yey 3lyee el dabdoob :( t2ta3 albee 3leh !!! sub7an alla 3njad


wallahi a7la min meet gold!! His instinct is to run from danger and his mama's instinct worked at its best to protect him
Sub7an Allah


Maroo & Noura
really sub7an allah :)
happy you enjoy it


i got this video by e-mail and i just couldn't but to post it in my blog :D

loved it