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Finding Nemo

Today i saw Finding Nemo for the first time in my life....yeah I just can't believe that i missed it all that time

Lovely...cute....funny...hilarious.....sad..... yaaaahhhooooo it have it all

I was up to Cray when his father started to give up when the whale ate him and "Dory", when the pelican "i think that what it was :$ " was up to eat "Marlin" the father when he finally reach his goal, and at the end when Nemo returned to hug his father and told him that he loves him ooooooh :"(

I laughed my heart when "Dory" the blue fish started to imitates the well voice looooool she is funny

It's v v v nice movie really I LOVE IT, I couldn't move till it finished

To those who didn't watch the movie yet...go now and rent the movie it really worth it
and to all of those who saw the movie before .....sham on u why u didn't till me about it :$

hehehe just kidding .......have a nice day

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