Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

الدينار الليبي!!!

مش هيك الدلع ...ريتووو ما يبلى الدلووع D:
a7la pause beldenyaa

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بتحسيه بوستر لـ سي دي جديد أو اشي متل هيك !
عنجد دلع ...


جديد...جديد الفنان معمر القذافي
وبس على روتانا خليجي


its nice when u still can have your funny face ... and still feel like laughing .. tell me how .. cuz its hard for me ... :)

bbeye and nice 2 subjects :)


When u become sure that life is funny u can

When u promise ur self that u will never let any one hurt u in this life, and u return to trust people and think u r not going to feel the pain……it is funny

When all ur dreams can be deleted by a click of a mouse…it is funny

Sooo even u will die from pain or u laugh….I chose to start drawing laughs may be one day I'll start laughing again

try it may be it is working...u never know :)