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Just wondering...

!!!How to know 
!!When to go after and when to let go

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tough question!
you just do whatever, and wish it is the right thing.


Jarrad said

I t is a dilemma. I have struggled with this question for years. Unfortunately, you can't tell when to stop or when to continue. But eventually either one will happen

Sorry my friend I deleted ur comment by mistake :$


u cannot!

u plan, organize, make a decision, hope 4 the best and act accordingly

if it fails -the decision- well, that`s that

BUT as u grow -in yr case, a given :P- u start developing coping mechanisms + alternative paths in the planning stage -before acting upon the decision-


happy decisioning


Thank you my friends for ur comments

After reviewing my life I found out that I'm a let go person believing in letting go and if it's really ur's it will return, and yes I regret SOME major decisions in my life


سؤال صعب سؤال يراودني ذكراتين بغنية الاطفال في اسبيس تون سلمي تسال لماذا تطير الطيور في السماء
ياستي لست الوحيده ان كان في ذلك عزاء احيانا نتسال هل نحن من اتخذنا القرار في ما الت اليه الاشياء ام انها فقط حدثت

صباح الفل والياسمين


Hi ammoura:) I agree with Jaraad..It is the most difficult decision ever! I am afraid to let go early and then feel that I was fast in giving up and on the other hand am afraid to hold on for no reason and give myself false hope!!..So, the best thing is to follow your gut feeling. Sometimes this voice inside our head gives us hints on what to do and often we ignore it because we want something else..the best advice is to trust your gut feeling..and what a struggle it is to make a decision:)



بصراحه..اني اعرف ان في غيري بواجه هالمشكله فااااا فيه عزاء كبير

القرار صعب وقبول النتيجه اصعب

صباحك و مسائك فل وياسمين ﺻﺪﻳﻘﺘﻲ



That is exactly what I'm talking about
specially the false hope. it hurts a lot ya 2o5tee :(

I'm alwaysfollowing the wrong hints :)

I'll try my best to be wise in future and trust my feelings more
thanks 7bebte


I dont think I have ever met someone that doesn't have the same question,

Apparently there is no rule.

just for the record, I am the same thing, I let things go with the belief that if its mine, I will get it back.