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Doreee....My Bag Tag

This started by 7aki Fadi and passed to 7ajara Waraga Makas, Maf3oos then to Nizar

Say I'm" 2alooodeh".....Say its too late I want to do this...since I started blogging and I'm waiting some one to tag me for any thing
sooooo what ever...3adee ..3adee I'm tagging myself :)

  1. Tow Mint + Gum SMINT Strawberry flavor.
  2. XYLITOL Gum Apple mint
  3. My favorite Maltesers...There is always some thing to eat in my bag just in case of sudden hunger or meeting a child,Chocolate,biscuits any thing eatable :)
  4. Tow boxes of Halls one with cherry flavor and the other with the original flavor.
  5. Body spray "Fresh white musk fantasy".
  6. Ultra healing moisturizer "Jergens" .
  7. Dental floss.
  8. Wet wipes.
  9. Hand Sanitizer "Higeen".
  10. Handkerchiefs "Mini Fine".
  11. My "PRADA" wallet ...which i wrote about it's contents HERE.
  12. My glasses.
  13. My makeup bag which I'll write about it's contents later.
I just discovered that I didn't put my office key and my flash memory , and I'm not in a mood to take another picture sooo u have to believe me

5 التعليقات :

يا ختي شو هاد!!!

مستشفى "تعقيم" وماشية!!

وما تخافي أنا مصدقيتك لأنو فلاشي دايمن بالشنته قبل المحفظة والموبايل:)

وبدي أسأل سؤال: اللي عندهم دوام شو مصحيهم لهسه آه؟


This is not fun :(
we expected at least one or two things out of the ordinary :P

You seam to have a clinic in your bag ^^


Nizar & مياسي

z3elet menkom ana btet5awatoo 3ali :"(
2asla6an I'm funny :D... wallah

Nizar...even the wallet blog?? u didn't find it funny??? O_o


ma tz3alee wala 3ala balek :) hoo sa7ee7 fe mostashfa jwa be eno enddafeh 7elweh :)
w se77a w hana 3l chocolates wl2shya2 el zakyeh :) ama bnsbeh 2lee im gonna do this idea really soon :)


3ala 2albek ya amar

To be honest, it is too much organized, even at the picture every thing in it's right place.. really booooooring
bs ma tjebe sereh :)