Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

Stupid comments in our life

I'm 100% sure that most of us mostly girls heard and still hearing the same stupid comments from others
I'll give you few of the most repetitive comments in my life

* 1

After complaining about the stupid husband she has and how he treating her like S*** and that she can't continued her life like this, she end her story by asking me
"Why you didn't marry till now??? "
then she will answer her self
"you know why?? because of the high Standards you are stubborn"

* 2

It looks like you gain look good now but be careful, then after 10 minutes another girl told me ,you lost a lot of weight,that effect your face be careful!!!

* 3

From what is this bimbo !!!! "this and specially this can rewind my day and destroy my mood UUUUFFFFTTTT"

* 4

what else....ummmm ah ah you spent 4 years studying Computer tsuk tsuk tsuk, you should toke the 4 months course instead of wasting your life.

There is a lot more but those the main nearly daily comments.

People pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss pleas leave me alone
wallah I'm happy with my life like this

5 التعليقات :

ok about the 1st comment, plz do not talk about marriage, hath mawodoo3 be3mali 7asaseh!!

and the last point, oh i keep hearnig it all the time, even i advice it

i have an idea since some time ago, which i believe i need to write about , it is just about how ppl always enjoys arranging ur life

never mind:)

6al3ehum men rasek and close the door:)


sad2ene sad2ene sad2ene haw kelon bekono `3yraneen mnek i swear to allah :)

nxt time 3arfeh shu t2elelon..2lelon yhtmo b7alon,, o tal3elek shu 3ebeh be kl wa7deh o heek ma be3odo e2rbo 3aleke o ez3joki...

ma as2al heek no3 mn el nas!!



m3ek 7a2
2a7san shee 6a6neesh heak nas ;)


هاد الشي طبيعي مش هيك المره بتكون ميكله قتله وتحكي الك ظل راجل ولا ظل حيطه
اما الشي ثاني طنشي عيوني ولا تسألي طول ما في ناس طول ما في تعليقات واسئله زنخه خلص تعودي ولا تسألي والله يجيب الك اللي فيه الخير
ذكرتيني في حالي لما كنت في تلك المرحله الله يعين همسه


اهلا سوزان
بكرهم هدول الستات جد....بكون عندي ردود تحطم نفسيتها بس بحكي بلاش مش ناقصها تحطيم :)

كل مرحله الها تعليقاتها الزنخه..حتى بعد الزواج...ولد ويلا بنت شاطر مش شاطر كم معدله ...دايما الناس مش راضيه
الله يعين الجميع