Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

How to lose a girl in one step

By following one or more of these tips I guarantee you will lose the girl

1. Eating or drinking soup with a disgusting voices.

2. Chewing with open mouth.

3. Finishing a good meal or a can of Pepsi with a big loud burp " with this you can lose me for ever ".

4. Wearing white sport socks with a formal shoe.

5. Wearing white trousers, and for more impact wear a whole white suit "ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam".

6. Wearing short trousers or pushing it up more than the limit.

7. telling a girl that she gained weight ,specially when she did.

I'm not going to mention the sweating smell or the farting thing because it's a will known disgusting things...really ,they are!!!

Enough for now :)

4 التعليقات :

أبو سمرة بطول محفظته من وراء اذنه


هاد ازا في جيب اساسا...شكله البنطلون لف :)


مش حرام عليك .. مش خايفة الله يعملك زيه !!
هه هه هه هه :)


لا القصد كان صوره توضيحيه للحكي :)