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Sleepless in Amman

As usual mom's are right
mama told me "don't drink the 2nd mug of coffee you are not going to sleep tonight"

me "no mama I get used to coffee its not effecting me any more"

ballah...6ab go to sleep ya sha6ra :"(
I can't sleep..
Its 4:40 am now
its calling for al fajer now
I have to wake up to pray then I have to wake up at 7:00 am
6ab how
God pleas make me sleep now :$
its going to be tough day tomorrow I mean today :"(
I'll try to sleep now
wish me luck

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المشكلة مش بالقهوة يا ويسبر ..
وانا متأكد ..
يا ترى شو الاسباب ؟؟!!!!



ليكون قصدك الكنافه اللي كانت مع القهوه!!!

لا لا هي القهوه ما في غيرها :)


Good Luck

Hope you dont mind, I added you on my blogroll.


hahahaha ythnna ele ma5ed 32lek :)


don't mind!!!
actually you honored me by that
thanks a lot

la t5afee 3alay 32ly m3ee 3ala 6ooool :)


ana bashrap kol yom 2abl el noom 2hweh we banam >>>
bas howa ente 3am tetdal3e :D


keef al-dawam bala noam ?

ana o3ani hona nafs al-moshkela

only wasnt the coffee :D


Ahaaa....soo we can tell you
yet-hanna 2elly ma5ad 3a2lak ;)