Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

How strange

It is strange how the one who wipe your tears
and return back the smile and joy to your heart
become the one who makes you cry harder
and break your heart
trusting people again

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do u see my email in the profile??
send me ur yahoo or msn id and i will add u soon

i want to know what is the matter nowadays?


meeen had??


It's not your mistake to trust people, is their mistake to break your trust !


شكله صاير معك قصة طرمة عن جد!!!
طولي بالك ما في شي بيستاهل


Done...I added you
thanks ya amar
but don't worry it's a temporary feeling and it's going to pass as usual

غير معرف
كيف يعني؟؟؟ :$


You are right
But to keep trusting wrong
Welcomt to my blog Sharifo :)

مهي مشكلتي بالثقه بالناس متكرره
و كل مره بنصدم!!!
جد اشي بزهق
بس الحمد لله هي كانت أزمه لحظيه و هلأ احسن الوضع :)


جميعنا أغبياء ...


i dont know how ppl think !!
i dont know how can anyone break others hearts !!!
stay as u r .. u r right and they are wrong honey


yup ..
hay lamma n7o6 theqatna b naas ma bysta7e22o el theqa ...w lamma bnnsadem b ash5aaas ma by2adrooo w ma by3rafo shu ma3naaha...

do not worry ur the best :)


للاسف معك حق :(

The problem that I tried to change
but I couldn't, and every time its painful
thanks sweet maroo :)

lel2asaf had 2elly beseer
bs as maroo said 2e7na elsa7,what to do!!!
thanks a lot :)