Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

From My Feedjit :)

When I saw this I said to myself

there is some thing wrong for sure

Look at the time!!!!

every second there is a new visitor....I know my blog is verrrrry popular but

come on ,not that much,I'm not Qwaider Planet :D

The second picture is hilarious really
first I was
surprised then I couldn't stop laughing

He or she...I'm some how sure I can use HE

he was searching about "bad movies"

افلام مش منيحه

as he wrote

How my blog appear when he search about such a thing??

When I opened the search link

I found my blog there and it was about this POST

I wrote about the romance of marriage proposals at the movies and I mentioned this

الافلام هلأ صارت مش منيحه

For sure it was not what he is searching for :$
bestahal :)

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ولك همسه؟

هاظ الإشي كيف بيعملوه؟


ميوووسه حبيبتي مسسسسا الورد او صباح الورد هلأ انتبهت للساعه :$

هاد الاشي اللي انا ضايفته اخر اشي على ايدك اليمين منه بقدر اعرف Live Traffic Feed
في باخر سطر Watch in Real-Time
من هون بعرف :)

هي اللينك علشان تضيفيه عندك



عنجد ضحكتيني..

بس اكيد يور بلوغ از بوبيولار
انتي قصه طرمه مو حيالله ;)


لا مش ببيولار ولا اشي بس بكبر براس حالي :)