Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

Why are we here??

I love Hallmarks cards

Once a friend of mine sent me birthday card from this site and from that time I'm using it,thanks my friend :D

My favorites are hoops and yoyo cards,they are really nice and funny
there is no occasion cross you mind you cant find it there, once I forgot my friend birthday and I want to send a card funny and said that I'm sorry for that
I found this one.......don't you just love it :)

Here is one of my favorites cards,I call it all occasions card

Happy birthday, I'm sorry, merry Christmas, have a nice day, hi, feel better...etc

Sorry for the bad voice :$ since early morning I'm trying to download it soooo please it's very good this way :)

here is the link for the card....LINK

and here is my version of it....enjoy :D

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بجننو كرتو .... بجد بس صايرين ماديين بدهم مصاري


اه لاحظت...بدي احمّل اللي بعتلهم كرت العيد ميلاد المتأخر جميله صاير بفلوس :)