Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

Never give up

I'm one of those people who are sure that, if God with me so I'm ok, but you have to do the things that makes you closer to God in order to dare to ask God to be with you, am I doing them all? I really hope because I'm really trying hard.

I'm keeping questioning myself these days.

What is my goal in life??? Am I achieving this goal???

What are my dreams??? Or did I stop dreaming???

Am I weak???Am I strong???

Am I doing what I have to do, or I'm just complaining without doing anything???

Am I wrong??? Am I right??? Am I doing the right things???

Many questions still without answers!!!

Then suddenly I felt sorry for myself, start entering a desperation phase , start hate my way of thinking, hate my work, hate my decisions and hate some things I did and still do.

Then I remembered a video I watch before for Nick Vujicic, you know him, a 25-year-old Australian who was born without arms or legs.

Once he said

"There is no dream that is too high for you for not reach, I'm achieving my dreams….I'm reaching my goals, and if a man without arms manage to do it, then so can you"

Oh my God, he is really strong this man, I can be strong as much as him if I stop constraining on the bad thing in my life, if I start appreciate the wonderful things in my life starting by my family and friends.

I start searching the net for any video there to raise the morale and this is the first video I found….and it really works with me

So people ,cheer up and be strong, WE CAN DO IT….

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Whoo, Heartbreakin video! I shed tears to that


me too wallah :"(
Many times I tried to add a comment in your blog but it never work,don't know why!!


thank u for putting the video


What a strong man !!! I cried my heart out..He is amazing. If I were to ask Allah for something it would be to give me strength

Thanks for sharing this with us, It made me put things into perspective


ohh whisper great video :)
u know what , questioning your self is the very first stage of achieving your goals .. u have to concentrate , and say ya RB , he is absolutely standing beside you .. wb3deen lsatek b2wel 3mrek wnshalla bt722e kol she bdk yah ...

هاي القصة زكرتني بقصة عن رجل صالح , عانى من مرض و تفطعت اديه و رجليه و مع هيك ما كان على لسانه الا كلمة الحمدلله الحمدلله الحمدلله ... بيوم من الأيام واحد سأله على شو الحمدلله وانت ما عندك شي ؟؟؟!!
حكاله الحمدلله اللي تركلي هاللسان لأذكره فيه ..سبحان الله


mar7ba whisper- yslmo ideki 3la el clip wa 3la afkarik , 7elwh kter wlahi, bas ya rait ktabteha bl3rabi, a7la btetla3 minik, bas walahi kel she btiktbih 7elo . Allah ykaleki o edemik la ahlik wa la7baibik ya rab


you most welcome, I know it's heartbreaking sorry for that

He is ,many things we can learn from him,he makes me appreciate many things in my life Al7amdolellah

Inshallah I am walking on the right track!!
كتير بحبها هاي القصه, جد في قصص كتيره بتاريخناالاسلامي لو دققنا فيها كتير بناخد عبر منها.

First of all ahlan wa sahlan fekee :)
thanks for you sweet words, w ra7 adal 2aktob bel3arabee :D
Ameen for that and same to you :)