Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

I WON ....I WON :D

Yesterday I read a post in Melicieuse blog which was a letter for our friend" Facebook " and I wrote a comment asking her to add my name for signing it too :D

what have it to do with winning??

My comment was number 100 at Melicieuse blog, sooo she dedicate me the next post
"Comment 100 - a soft Whisper " YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

There is a very nice poem for my name too "whisper" :D


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I'm still trying to find confetti hehehehehehehe


LOOOL it's ok I gave myself a Cup with a stars celebration :D


Congratulation whisper don’t forget us from the (7alawan) 


Hehehe 5alas wala yhemmak

Thanks Ashraf :D


I liked the idea :)


Genki Dama

Ya welcome ya welcome be Haitham :D
Allah ybarek feek :)

Mrs H

Thanks :D

Me too, but here I don't know how to count the blog comments without counting my reply comments :S


I am not sure about the Admin Interface in Blogger, but if u have a page that displays all your comments, you can check the total number of comments, then search for comments written by you, and exclude that number from the total number of comments....
I know it is like (wen danak ya jo7a), but I would use that for Wordpress when needed, I donnu if there is another straight-forward way !!
Have a Nice Day! :)


ما شاء الله حظك حلو وزبطت معك هادا عشان نيتك الصافية :)


walla Alf mabrok ya seti.


Mrs H

Thanks :D
BUT :$ blog is different than word press it need a lot of work here.

You know what :) I'll keep the comments count as surprise for my self, until someone helps me with easier way :D
thanks again :D

Rula A.

الله يسعدو الزوووء :)
الحمد لله الحظ مش كتير, بس هيها طلعت بتزبط معي مرات :)



Allah ybarek feeek ya rab :)
3o2balak ;)


الف مبارك يارب
حلو الواحد يربح مها كان الشيء :)


معك حق, لاني جد فرحت بهالشي :)
الله يبارك فيك