Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

اللهم امين

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من اروع ماقيل في حق المصريين الابطال هو ماقاله هذا الرجل, و من اجمل الادعية

اللهم آمين
اللهم أمين
اللهم آمين


ربنا يقويه و و يقويهم لقول كل كلمات الحق امام هالحاكم الجائر


mar7ba whisper

3njad sosad so sad whats going on,all we can say and share with our heart is to pary for them and do2'2 for them

alhoma afrjha 3ailhom ya rab ya rab .ameen ameen ameen

i never been to egypt bass wallah it hurts so much to see what happens there.

allah am3hoom ya rab.


Allah ykoon m3hom w y7mahom ya rab

Rabna yonsorhom yaaaaaaaaaaa rab


hello.I really like ur blog would u plz gibe ur contact in case i wanto to send something


Thanks and welcome here

u can find my e-mail address at my profile page
And u r most welcome to share what u want HERE

Thanks again


أمين يارب...أول الغيث قطرة


الله يقويهم و ينصرهم يا رب