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Life Is Good Award Tag

After saying it loud and clear that I love tags, the lovely Rand chosen me to do the "Life is Good Award" tag

The "Life is Good Award" is actually a scanned Hallmark greeting card that comes with some questions to answer

1. If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing this? If you aren’t anonymous, do you wish you started out anonymously, so that you could be anonymous now?

For me I'm blogging anonymously and I'm happy with that and never regretted it :)

2. Describe an incident that shows your inner stubborn side

No one told me that I'm stubborn before ,I'm an easy-going person, unless some body act stupid with me....he/she will lose me for sure

3. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror

I see a lovely little girl with a smiley small eyes looking at me :)

4. What is your favourite summer cold drink?

Fresh Strawberry Slush :) yummy

5. When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

Big bowl of popcorn with a good movie to watch ....this is relaxing for me

6. Is there something that you still want to accomplish in your life?

Hooohooooo....... kteeeer :)

7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever, the shy person, or always ditching?

The funny overachiever :)
Al7amdollelah usually I have many friends around me, I was not a perfect student I used to sing and take my desk as a drum :) but academic excellence has always been my ticket to get out of the troubles

8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment in your life, what would you see

After all bad situations I faced and still facing al7amdolellah, I decided to empty my memory from all bad memories, and stuck only to the good ones, so I'll remember my brother's wedding,at the end of the wedding and when all the guests left ,my family and my aunt's family stayed there dancing and singing till the morning... since my brothers left home to work out, we rarely gather, it was the first time after 4 years

9.Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog, or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people and events?

Before start blogging it was very hard for me to express my self and being that open to others, It wasn't easy to me to talk about my life with people, but blogging make it v easy, now no one can stop me inside and outside the internet world, I think after reading my blog u will find that I wrote A LOT about my "real" personal life, and that's why I'm happy that I'm blogging anonymously :)

10. If you had the choice to sit down and read a book or talk on the phone, which would you do and why ?

reading a book for sure, first of all I love second I can't talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes :S

As usual these days I'm late in seeing and doing the tag, so I don't know who did this tag and for whom it passed, I would like to invite u all to do it if u have time,and I would like to mention some of u here, so I would like to pass this award tag to

As usual to Sozan ....I know u r busy but we miss u
to my garabah Rula ....we miss u 7bebti at the blog-sphere
to my liddawee friend Jafar
to our Wednesdays nakshet mo5 Nader
to my Egyptian sweet friend Hiba
to my absent quiet friends Ahmad Hamdan and Ahmad Meri
to Abu Zaina ....because the 10 days r nearly over :)

And again to all of u :)

A note 3 alhamesh

Excuse my English :S ..... no spelling / grammar checking please :D

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strawberry! malko 3al strawberry kolko :P

and only good memories r stuck in yr head, can u share the secret ;) "plz don`t say "strawberry", lol"

and u r supposed to tag 3 ensanz only! bekaffy tagleed o tamarrod 3ala l 4awaneen! eh ,, o big eh kaman!



5aleek bel Orange 2enta .... the diet official juice :S

I don't know how I managed to do so, even if some thing good and some thing bad happened at the same time I only rememmber the good event.....had 6ab3an la yamna3 men mazaj elnakad 2elly beje men fatra la fatra :)

halla2 tamarrod Ok bs tagleed!! ana momayazeh w ma bgaled 7ad 2asla6an :(

ana 2asdeka2eee ktar la2eno...u yaaa dob tla2ee 4 to tag ;)



يالله الإجابات شو رومانسية:))
خصوصا الخاصة بجزء المرآة :)


love reading the tag and missing you a lot :)
i have been tagged by Haitham so i will be writing it in a few days.


بتعرفي اليوم وانا بالدوام شفت على تويتر عنوان البوست تبعك واجالي ها الاحساس انو اسمي حينذكر (تنبؤاتي هالكم يوم كانت تزبط معي)

عشان أوريكي إنو أنا مو غايب راح أعمل البوست اليوم واخلص منو


I loved your answers, that was fun to read! :) I especially liked no. 7 hehe :)


والله يا ويسبر فيه شغلات كتيره متلي :)
بتموني رح نعمل الواجب في اقرب فرصه



هههههههههههه .... شكله غلط اكتب البوست وانا نعسانه ....بعطي انطباعات خاطئه :)

هو اي نعم لا انكر ان كلمة "طفله" كبيره شوي بس هيك انا بشوف حالي :)

على رأي فرووحه بتحكيلي
ناني انّوته<==== يعني بنوته :)


7bebteee....miss u more I wish if we can gather all of us to know more about each other :$

Yeah Sheeshany dayman sabba2 bel5ear...but don't tell him that I said that :)


Ahmad Hamdan

اهلا و سهلا باحمد :)

كتير بسعدني تواجدك بتعليق و بدون تعليق ....المهم تكون موجود و تطمنا على اخبارك

هيني هلأ فورا رايحه لمدونتك لاقرأ البوست الجديد


Yaaay happy that u loved them :)

loool yes I used to do that :) the ONLY problem that my voice was and still disaster in singing :) flaky 2an tat5ayyaly el 2ez3ag :D

Thanks for tagging me ya amar :)



علشان هيك القلوب عند بعض :)

تسلمي يا قمر...و احنا في الانتظار :)


You have been missed, whisper! You're a lady who is full of life :)


I think after speaking about those 3ersan you mentioned in your previous posts, you can no longer reveal your name. Unless you start a new blog :) Being anonymous has many advantages.

It was nice knowing you a little bit more.


حلوة فكرة الواجب بس وحياتك الترجمة الفورية هههههههههه فهمت حاجات وحاجات لا اصلى مش ولابد فى اللغة
تحياتى يا جميلة وعلى عيونى هذا الواجب


I guess blogging helped us all express ourselves more :)
Nice Whisper,and I loved the thing you did after your brother's wedding it sounds fun! :D

I'm not agreeing with you though,hard moments are moments who make us who we are just like the good ones..and maybe better because they motivate us to be more cautious and enjoy life,my advice for you is not to wipe the a moment you will need to remember them in order not to have to pass through them again :)



7bebtee miss u more ya amar....its my last days between my nephew and nieces and I don't want to miss a second :)

I'm trying my best to achieve that


you mean that I may offend some one in my 3ersan posts???
hopefully no :S

But talking about details in my life specially about my previous job and boss is the reason why I'm not going to blog by my real name :D I over exaggerated in expression my feelings in that posts :S

Thanks Malik....same here :)



ولا يهمك يا قمر
اساسا لازم يتحول للغه العربيه علشان تضيفيله نكهه هبّوشيه خاصه ويلا ما بمشي الوضع :)

عمو جوجل الترجمه في خدمة الجميع و اذا بتحبي ابعتيلي الايميل و انا ببعتلك الترجمه :)

تسلم عيونك يا قمر...

Rain changed me a lot :)
it was a wonderful day and we shot it by my brother's camera and but it on a CD so when ever I feel down I watch it and it can really change my mood :)

I'm totally with u in the 2nd paragrapher, no one can wipe any memory specially the bad ones
What I meant is that we shouldn't allow our bad memories to control us or to make us forget the good things happened at the same period, we should't hate the whole period of our life because of I'm trying to be positive and looking at the full half of the glass :D


Much better !! Thanks

I guess all of us learned something after start blogging!

And what's the deal with all if you!!?! No one like to talk with phone !? I can spend hours talking !


you're right :) I hope you will be able to always get over them and enjoy your time,w jd m3ek 7a2 a7ianan el nas btorbo6 el ashia2 b zekra saiie2a..mathalan I hate this dress or that song because the day I wore it or heard it that bad thing that you should wipe...and you are right about it :)


كلها إجابات حلوة وبتدل على شخصية جميلة وممتعة والله :)
تشرفنا بمعرفتك ست ويسبر



U r most welcome :)

And this is what I like about blogging :)

Hours!!! it's like a visit :)
I can't :S some of my friends call for an hour,usually after 10 minutes I switch on the speaker :)


Exactly :)
This is what I'm trying not to do and al7amdolellah most of the time I success in that :)



شكرا يا قمر....هاد بس لانه كلك ذوق

الشرف الي يا حلوه

كأنه من زماااان ما بينتي؟؟؟
شتقنالك يا قمر

شكرا لجراد اللي حولّك الواجب لتبيني :)