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Wishes Tag

I was tagged for the first time "YAAAY" by the sweet blogger SimSim

The tag is about wishes, I simply have to make 3 wishes for my life then I have to tag 6 other bloggers, afterward leave a link to let them know they have been tagged.

  • For tomorrow "wa2fet 3arafah" and for every day may Allah accept my prayer ,forgive my mistakes, keep me away from doing new one and make me Convinced with what I have
  • To change my current job soon inshallah to some thing better
  • Start to live my happy ever after period, it don't want to start :")

most of the bloggers been tagged so I will tag

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en sha2 allah kol your wishes tet7a2a2 o en sha2 allah Happy Eid for u and ur family o kol el nas elle bet7ebbehom
ameeen ya rab:))
My Best Wishes for You... You Deserve the best wallah


Thanks Ahmad :D
Same too you inshallah
and happy eid to you too and to all your family

enjoy your vacation here in Jordan :)


glad i am the first to tag u wohooo :D

happy 3eed and hope all ur wishes come true yaaa rabb


go "elahi" makes yuo'r wishs come true....
go o Whisper "elahi" and you are my "jahi" bring Whisper up ..whoe is you'r worship..... i ask you do'nt let her ... feelin, down
don't disappoint me "elahi" ,,,,

you'r happiness absolutely does ganna start ... but it has it's own date ..just like mine
i think so .. I'm not sure maybe it's a hope or hidden sent message
however all what you have to do is waitin, for it.....

best wishs
"eed saeed"


tank u whisper 4 da tag !!!

ya rb tit7aqaq kol amaneeki

ad7a mubark w yin3ad 3lyki bl sa77a wil salameh ya rbb :)


ان شاء الله كله بتحقق :)


بكل الفخر والاعتزاز ... تقديرا مني لخدماتكم البلوجيه المشكورو
قررت بعد مداولات عنيفة
ان اقول لكي thanks :D
وكل سنه وانتي سالمه



امين يا رب
شكرا و ان شاء الله بتحقق كل احلامك
وامنياتك واهدافك

Ahmad Al Mahrouq

welcome :)
3alena w 3aleek ya rab , w 2enta salem :)

قط البكتريا

ول ول ول هاد وانت مش جايب عيديه :$
ويلكم يا مان
وانت سالم و كل اهلك سالمين :)


ثائر جبر

LOOOL thanks for your sweet prayer :)

inshallah, but I fed up waiting :(
no really as u said only God knows when it's going to start inshallah soon for me and you :)

3aleena w 3alekom ya rab :D


but really I'm sooooo happy because I got my first tag :")

thanks ya amarah
happy eid to you too and may all your wishes come true soon inshallah