Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

What changed after blogging

Many things changed in my life since I started blogging

first of all I feel released, even though I'm not writing all what I'm facing during my days. but at least I'll write some things relaxes me
even stupid thing, human need to act stupid from time to time

I'm now like addicted to news, and I'm up to date with all the news, and what is strange that I used to hate news, now when we r sitting chatting about life and about the world issues, guess who knows every thing's whit the names and numbers,2eno not every thing every thing y3nee I can manage

even my by the way studded philosophy and psychology and he love when we come and ask him about any thing , he was chocked when I start asking him about issues not used to interest me before, and I liked the feeling

Another change, the new friends I have now, even if we don't know each other well, and we r like names for each other, but I can called them friends.
when you discuss your opinions with some one and till him about your life and what's new, I think he is your friend
some new friend's enter my life and some left, but what to do this is life

I learned how to accept others point of view and that I'm not right all the time, also that some bodies life will makes me feel happy and thankful about my life.

I deal with different personalities, maybe in real life I'll not face like them, I'll face but I'm not going to deal with and hear what they are talking about
What is nice that some time in real life you want like to mute some people or pause them, I can do it here loool

last thing...every one like to have a secret in his life. this is my secret
ok ok my brother and my friend knows about it but I still have secrets :)
it's like double life and I like the idea

I really love blogging :)

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Ya I agree, I really express through what I write and it calms me down. btw the jumping girl on the right margine is annoying I read then she breaks my concentration :P. I am easily distracted


lol actually it annoy many people
but i don't know i find her cute
5alas soon ra7 ashelha ...wa3ed :D