Things I Like To Whisper About

Would You Hear Me Whispering

Things makes me smile....laugh

Baby's can change my mood from any thing to happy,and they can bright up my day and some time's my week :)
what ever I'll write it can't explain my feeling's
baby clothes are another makes me crazy really when I'm in a shop and see baby clothes i start coddle them and my voice become a disaster

Penguins....Dolphins and Pandas...OoOoOoh i can't stop my self from smiling ,I don't know what is the magic there..maybe because i feel them like baby's too....i dont know

My Favorite comedy show ever...

I got this stuffed toy as a gift from my brothers wife she say the moment I saw the way he is looking I knew that u will love it

look at the't he adorable!!! bebeeee i love it

now i'm in a verry good mood...really :D

Sooo try it and think about things makes u smile and I assure you it will change your mood...yalla try :)

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I love according to Jim, I have seen all of season 7, I hate the wives in the show, the men are so innocent and they just want to have fun and then the women always coming nagging and complaining about everything.

I really don't find kids cute, I am always scared of touching them and end up getting them fractured.

I mean they are ok looking but nothing more than that.

Looking at a baby will definitely not change my mood, his crying will only make me more irritated.



yeah yeah innocent and having fun...for sure u r going to say that

thanks for the comment and u should think again about babies :$

انا كتير حبيت الصور كمان...اكيد صور البيبيات بتجنن...وحبيت صوره الباندا اللي بشد بايد الزلمه ههههههه


the Turtle is so sad.... any one can recognize it's sadness at the first look to her face and her looks

I ask "hamsa" to allow our investigators to check her healthy and Psychologically circumstances

-the truth "she is lucky, she has you"


No one can touch my sweet turtle ...LOOL :)
because of that look ,I adore her :)

Thanks my friend for ur sweet words ....rasee keber :)